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I'm Lindsy Nichole, a 3rd grade teacher turned stay at home momma. I have two kids and a tall, dreamy husband. I drink vanilla lattes on the reg and think Friends is the best show on the planet. I'm a neat freak like Monica, I tend to wear a lot of rings like Phoebe, and I guess I've become a fashionista like Rachel! 

My thrift story goes a little something like this... "Girl where did you get that?" (answer: the thrift store), "Hey sis, can I have that? It's so cute!" (answer: uh, no), "OKKAAYYYY, I need that! Where can I get it?" (answer: the thrift store). This momma needed to go! So my sister took me and the rest is history. 

I haven't stepped foot in a retail clothing store since and have totally become obsessed with finding gems for mega cheap. I love sharing what I find and any tools, tips, and tricks I've learned along the way. You can shop my finds here

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