Do your listings have the 'secret code'?

So you're out with your friends for a girl's night out or you're at the grocery store or you're just chillin upstairs and your computer is downstairs when an offer comes through on your phone! Yay a possible sale!

But then you spend twenty-plus minutes trying to decide if you should accept the offer or counter. You're racking your brain because it would be really helpful if you could recall how much you paid for the item and how long you've had the item, right? Knowing these pieces of information would help you make a more wise decision when it comes to accepting offers on Poshmark.

This was me sooooo many times. I would get super excited, yay a potential sale!! Then I would be stuck until I got home to access my computer to look up how much the item cost in order for me to decide if I should go ahead and accept or counter. The last thing I wanted to do was lose money!

That's where the 'secret code' has been a game changer. If you haven't noticed, at the bottom of some reseller's listings is a "random" string of letters and/or numbers. Each letter/number stands for something specific like the cost of the item, where it was purchased, which bin it's in, or what month the item was purchased.

On my listings, my code represents how much I paid for an item and when I bought the item. I came up with a ten letter phrase that was easy to remember. An example you could use could be "I heart gold". Then give each letter a numerical value: i-1, h-2, e-3, a-4, r-5, t-6, g-7, o-8, l-9, d-0 . Give each month a random letter not already used from your phrase: jan-b, feb-c, mar-z, apr-y, may-d, june-v, july-m, aug-j, sept-u, oct-k, nov-q, dec-p.

So if you purchased an item for $6.49 in October your code would be TADK. While you're out and about, you'd just repeat the phrase and count the letters on your hand!

If you are into retail arbitrage, estate sales, thrift stores etc. you might give each of those locations a value as well: retail-x, estate-s, thrift-f. I only source from thrift stores so I know my items came from Goodwill or Value Village. I don't feel the need to code those locations. I also don't use bins, so that's not necessary for me either. Change it to however it works for you and what information would be most helpful for you to know if you weren't by your computer!

I wish I could claim this as my own clever idea but the Empty Hanger is the one who spilled the beans on the secret first! Click here to watch her video and she walks you through how she came up with her own code as well.



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