Trend Alert: Fall Fashion 2019

I've been holding out going thrifting because I really wanted to do some research before I just went and bought the whole store! Actually, confession session, I did go to the thrift store twice, collected some things, but them ditched them all because I knew I hadn't done the research yet.

BAH! I passed up Free People, Diane Von Furstenberg, UGGS, and some other really cute goodies I'm sure would have sold but I wanted to make sure I was spending my money wisely.

So my birthday was coming up and I knew I wanted to go thrifting soooo I got to researching. The very first thing I did was go through my sold listings and tallied up the sizes. I found the majority of the items I've sold were mediums and the least were extra small and extra large sizes (which I suspected).

Pinterest Research

Then I hit up Pinterest.

I searched "2019 Fall Fashion Trends Women". I noticed a lot of oversized sweaters, chunky knits, cardigans, layering pieces, booties, flats, platform sneakers, stripes, fun prints, and flowy tops. Popular colors seemed to be neutrals--brown, beige, cream, white, grey, black, and pops of purple here and there.

Poshmark Women's Markets Research

Next, I went onto Poshmark and searched "just in","sold", and the price ranges "25-50" and "50-100", in women's all markets. Here's what I found.

Oversized, flowy tops, graphic tees, sweaters, stripes, and again neutral colors. Also, tops with unique features like prints, ruffles, ties, and patterns.

Then I got a little more specific and narrowed it down to my favorite sections of thrift stores tops (blouses, long sleeve knits, short sleeves) and sweaters/cardigans.

For tops/blouses, the items that are selling quickly are tops that have fun prints. They're flowy and comfortable. Popular colors seem to be neutrals, reds, and mustard yellow. Sweaters with prints or unique patterns, chunky knits, yellows, reds, grey, and purple seem to be selling quickly.

Poshmark Brands Research

Finally, I looked through my favorite brands and brands that I come across often when thrifting.

Cabi was a lot of layering work attire--blazers, jackets, jean jackets, and pants. Kinda surprised! I find a lot of marked up blouses I usually pass on. Now I don't feel too bad about it!

Free People, I love personally. It's just my jam. Oversized, boho, flowy, and girly. The items that seem to sell quickly are the items that have some unique feature about it whether it be the embroidery, ruffles, prints, or cute bows.

Anthropologie was actually a lot of accessories and housewares! Jewelry, hair pieces, hand bags, earrings, and necklaces seem to sell pretty quickly.


Phew! It took some time to go through all that BUT it's definitely worth the time to do some research! So here's a quick recap:

-Flowy tops

-Oversized sweaters

-Fun/unique prints

-Fun/unique features: bows, ruffles, ties, deep cuts etc.

-Layering pieces

-Colors: neutrals, mustard yellow, reds/pinks, purple, black

-Chunky knits



-Platform sneakers

Would you agree/disagree? What other trends are you noticing?



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