All I Did Was Sell A Dresser

Hey there! I'm Lindsy Nichole, the content creator behind this blog. Here you'll find vids on my latest thrift hauls and what I'm learning throughout my reseller journey on Poshmark. So how did I get started reselling?

Well my journey started about four months ago! Yep, I've been doing this a whopping four months but I have been thrifting for several years now. I've had multiple friends tell me I should consider reselling my thrifted items but I kept telling them that it "just wasn't my thing" or it "sounded really complicated".

Towards the end of my last year of teaching, I decided to look into reselling a little further and discovered this little platform called Poshmark. Honestly, I was willing to do ANYTHING to make some extra cash to help income as long as it kept me out of the classroom for a bit. I was def feeling the burnout of teaching.

I realized that it actually wasn't that difficult to resell. Poshmark makes it super easy. Listings are free (perf!). Shipping is paid by the buyer (even better!). Boxes are free (and now I'm freaking out!). The only thing I had to pay for was product. It sounded too good to be true but I talked to my husband about trying it out anyways.

I was too scared to invest straight out the bank so I sold a vintage dresser that no longer fit the aesthetic of our home for $75. I used that money to purchase my first thrift haul and made my first sale within a couple weeks! Whatever I sold, I used that money to go thrifting again until I saw that I could really make some money doing this.

Now I'm learning to grow my closet as a business and it's been super fun! My only regret is that I didn't start reselling sooner!



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